Disney Without The Mouse

This ferry flight was a quick trip to Florida with a friend and mentor of mine, Justin Anderson. A simple flight with one stop, this trip was pretty straightforward. My only concern of the day was some interesting remnants of last weeks tropical storm still creating a few high energy cells along our route. Luckily, our timing was spot on and we had the help of a killer ground crew in Athens, Georgia for a very fast fuel stop. Read on for details about the trip and pictures along the way!

N984PG Route

Flying with Justin is always fun because when on “Justin Time” things always seem to come down to the wire. So naturally, we started our day with a rush to the airport and jog to the gate of our direct flight to Orlando in the morning. Once we arrived at the main airport in Orlando (MCO), we grabbed lunch and called an Uber to take us to the Kissimmee Gateway Airport where the aircraft was located. For this flight, we were in a Cirrus SR20 that will soon be for sale with Steel Aviation.

After reviewing all of the aircraft’s logbooks and paperwork, we were fueled up and set to go. With the winds out of the West and our departure to the North, we took runway 24 with a right turn taking us strait over Walt Disney World. It was fun to see the parks from the air, but too bad we didn’t spend any time visiting – it’s okay though, because I was there two weeks prior, ha! With a stable climb set and working autopilot, I was able to catch a few pictures of the park…

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The rest of the trip was a race to get home and beat the weather; aside from busting holes in a few clouds, we never got wet! With a call ahead to Athens, Georgia, the tower gave us a departure clearance right after landing and the FBO had a fuel truck and order ready to go as soon as we shut down. With just enough time to run inside, use the restroom and pay for fuel, we were back in the air in less than 15 minutes. Go Bulldogs!

Fueling Up in AHN
Fueling Up in AHN

Now for the final push to Cincinnati. We beat the weather moving through Atlanta, saw the darkness out West from our wing and listened as ATC tried pulling aircraft from their holding patterns to attempt an approach. Luckily we were able to stay out of everyone’s way and not be affected by these delays. If we had been delayed, we would have likely gotten wet on the approach into Cincinnati. Check out the pictures from the second leg of the trip and the radar north of CVG when we landed. It’s always a great day when everything sticks to Plan A!

Aircraft: Cirrus Aircraft Company, Cirrus SR20

Trip Total Time: 5.4 hours

Please feel free to reach out for a quote on any aircraft ferry or contact pilot needs: Jacob@HavensAero.com


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