Ferrying a Beechcraft Bonanza From Ohio to Florida

Jim owned a V35B for years before losing his medical. After a successful 5 year fight to get it back, the first thing he did was track down and find another V35B! Not feeling completely comfortable yet, I delivered the Bo to Jim’s winter home in Fort Myers where a local instructor would help shake the rust off from there. On the way down I even snuck in a fun overnight with Mindy and Kevin at their hangar home in Georgia. Good times!

FDY – 8GA9 – 6A2 – FMY
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This Air Force L-17B Attacked a Navion!

You read that right, an Air Force North American L-17B attacked a Ryan Navion A! This attack in particular just happened to be self sabotage… The relatively simple ferry flight from Columbus to Saint Louis was complicated by a partial power loss and precautionary landing near Cincinnati.

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1400NM Through The Air-Couped Up In This Beautiful 1946 Er-Plane

While day one didn’t go to plan, we were able to cross the finish line for this delivery of James’ new-to-him Ercoupe. The Ercoupe 415C was incredibly easy to fly and, while we struggled to climb over 10,000FT, it turned out to be a great traveling machine. This all metal plane will be a great step up to the certified aircraft world from the previous ultralights James has been flying for years!

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Dusted Twice By The Starduster Too

This long nosed Starduster Too was supposed to make the journey from it’s previous life in Michigan City, Indiana to it’s new home near Phoenix, Arizona. Engine troubles along the way caused trouble so the owner and I decided to finish the trip in Wichita. Luckily some old friends at the McMaster Gliderport were able to take great care of the airplane and help pull the wings off when the time came to do so.

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