Ferrying a Cessna 182 From Montana to Nebraska

Troy was looking for the perfect plane to start out his ownership career, finish his instrument training and explore the area… he couldn’t have made a better choice!


A friend of Havens Aero was planning to take on this trip but had to cancel at the last minute. Lucky for Troy we were available on short notice; unlucky for Jacob, this trip required 5 airline flights to pull off a nonstop delivery!

After a long life in Canada, this carbureted Cessna 182 finally made it’s way back across the border for Troy. During it’s pre-buy back stateside, the differences in U.S. and Canadian planes was evident as only a couple of this models laundry list of AD’s were up to date. With the AD’s scrutinized and other items cleaned up as needed the backlog of work was caught up and the plane was ready to go!

The last item before heading out was vinyl work for the new tail number. That task was wrapping up as my flight into BZN landed. With the new tail-number, brand new registration and updated airworthiness certificates in hand, it was time to fuel up and head south!

One unique aspect of the plane that would catch any onlooker off guard, no ADS-B Out (even though we had every possible update to the panel including ADS-B In). With a VFR flight plan on the books, fuel topped off, a through preflight and runup complete, it was time to depart and hug the planes 10,000ft ceiling and head to her new owner.

After departing RWY 30, a climbing right turn kept us within the Gallatin Valley heading south along the Bridger Range. Leveling off at 9,500ft, the busiest and bumpiest part of the flight was following I90 and the Bozeman Pass to stay north of Bald Knob, and Shell Mountain while heading towards Billings, MT.

Remaining clear South of the Billings Class Charlie and North/East of Cloud Peak, I made the turn Southeast where the next few hours were spent monitoring the engine, gaining altitude without climbing and enjoying the sunset.

The engine was running smooth and fuel planning was in check so it was smooth sailing for the nearly 4 hours enroute. One of the most exciting things for me on this flight was my first opportunity to get control of a GNS750 and GFC500 pairing to see how well the VNAV function worked coupled with an approach. It nailed it. Catching every level off smoothly and nailing the course, I was impressed and enjoyed the help getting lined up on altitude and on speed for RWY12 at North Platte.

After a quick stay at the family hotel, it was time for the long journey of airline flights home. Either way, we’re happy to help and proud of another safe and on time delivery!

AIRCRAFT: Cessna 182Q

TRIP TOTAL TIME: 4.0 hours


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