One of Two: The Two Door Cub

When it comes to the Piper Cub, this classic airplane has been a pilot favorite since it began deliveries in 1938. Personally, I love flying some good ol’ low level, open door fall color flying in these airplanes; so naturally I was thrilled when Bob called. The trip began by picking up the airplane in Oklahoma City and making the trek all the way up to Sandusky, Ohio on Lake Erie! But this was no ordinary cub, no, this is one of only two certified Cub’s with TWO DOORS; I think it’s fair to say it was even twice the fun!! Read on to catch pictures from the journey and see how clean this beautiful airplane is.

Two Door Cub Route

Day 1:

The Two Door Cub

The trip began with a morning flight from our base in Cincinnati, Ohio to Oklahoma City where the previous owner picked up Jacob and took him to accept the airplane. After a run through of the log books and a quick hop around the pattern, the airplane was accepted and the trip was underway! Just to keep things exciting, the airport’s fuel farm was out of service due to a lightning strike so a quick hop to 303 was taken to top off and get underway.

Flying over the Midwest is always beautiful. This pilot is especially fond of low level flights over the Ozark mountain range and the Arkansas landscape!

Ever seen the millennial kick out the cub door picture? Here’s where the two door cub really comes in handy! I would like to note that the already slow piper cub is noticeably slower with both doors open.; a difference of about 10 miles per hour in cruise flight.

After a long first day of travel and flying, I put the plane down at the Midland International Air & Space Port where the FBO staff was incredibly kind and helpful. Knowing I would get an early start, they even let me borrow the crew car for the night, recommended a place to stay and the best Mexican place in town; it was Cinco De Mayo during this overnight!

DAy 2:

With clear skies, cool but comfortable temperatures and air as smooth as the glass on this airplane, the two-door-cub and I set off for our final day of the trip!

Cool mornings meant the doors stayed closed (for most of the flight). This helped keep speeds up too!

The final planned fuel stop for this trip was KOVO (ramp seen above). While passing through, I was able to spot my friend Eric flying around in a Cessna 177 at his home airport! Looking ahead a fuel prices, I noticed that the destination, KPCW, had pretty high fuel prices; a quick call to the new owner and though of topping off before arrival lead to the next stop at K16G. I learned how to fly in Tiffin, Ohio and my old instructors loved taking a quick peak at how the throttle quadrants on this cub were moved to accommodate the second door. After saving about $1 per gallon I finished the trip up to Port Clinton!

Made it! Here’s the view on downwind for the Port Clinton International Airport near Sandusky, Ohio with Lake Erie in the background. This airplane is going to live at Bob’s grass strip a few miles away but wet conditions lead to the delivery into PWC. This airplane is going to be a great island hopper for Bob and his wife!

Aircraft: 2-door piper cub

Trip total time: 16.1 hours


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